Thursday, March 5, 2015

Are We Human

The question I wonder about so many in this world is a big one!  Are we human?  I don't mean do we resemble a human being with bones, muscles, brains, feet, hands, and other body parts.  Again I ask, are we human?

I don't mean do we human things or have moments of compassion and greatness.  I mean, are we human in all areas and walks of our life.  Are we human in all aspects and dealings with other people.  Or is it just a temporary thing that we do when the mood strikes us.

Do we really know what it is to be human or are we just playing a game?  Do we really care or focus on being human, or is it something we boast about while going on about our way in life.

Being human isn't something to take lightly.  Its so diluted and watered down these days it seems.  We fail one another in big ways and small ways.  We treat others as if they are property or a source of our greedy income.

Being human means to intricately know yourself so well that you readily recognize the innate beauty deep inside another individual.  No words are needed to acknowledge or express this.  It is just an inner connection that exists when you meet others.  It is a consciousness.

Being human means you function with all parts of your mind, body, and soul.  It doesn't mean you neglect one part or the other or emphasize one over the other.  It means you work towards balance in all areas.

Are we human?  I'm not sure if many of us homo-sapiens can answer that truthfully and correctly.  I think many if not most people play the game and make it into an appearance that they are human.  I think many claim they are human while not even fully understanding what that means.

May we all ask ourselves daily, "are we human?"  May we all get so tired of thinking about this, that we change our lives in order to truly understand what being human actually means.  May we not settle for where we are at, but go in and ask the hard questions to become all that we can be.

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