Friday, December 27, 2013

Shifting Focus

Anyone who has been following this blog for sometimes knows that it isn't as active as it once was.  At one time I was writing blog posts 7 days a week.  Now my schedule doesn't always allow that or if I get the time, my mind is tired and I really can't focus on putting the words together for it.

I enjoy writing and I enjoy writing for this blog.  Its meant a lot to me and has helped me process so many things, events and experiences in life.  While I probably won't ever stop writing here, just don't expect to see the frequency with what it once was.

My interest is shifting to areas of neuroscience and helping people recover physically and mentally from somatic trauma.  I went through the paralysis of a Conversion Disorder and because of that, I see through the lens of life differently than most.  I love learning more about how the mind works and how we all process experiences and events that have come our way.  I feel like there is so much more to our biological mind than what anyone is currently aware of in this world.

More than likely much of my in depth writing will be focused more on a new website that I have been slowly developing called "somatosync".  It is a new concept I have and while I could regurgitate what others are already doing, it is meant to be a fresh outlook of cutting edge information to heal the mind and body.

I'm sure you'll see me still hanging around this blog, but if you don't see me for some time, don't forget to check out the somatosync website.  Watch it grow in the days, months and years ahead.

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