Sunday, September 5, 2010

Divine Timing

From A Randomly Selected Angel Therapy Card Today using the iphone App, Healing With The Angels Oracle Cards, by Doreen Virtue

"Divine Timing"

In the card, it talked about paying attention to all the doors that are opening and the doors that are closing. It goes on to state that certain pieces of the puzzle must fall into place before the other parts of the puzzle can come together. Without these happening in this way or skipping them/rushing them, the entire plan will not have a solid foundation. So, look for the doors that are open and then walk through them with faith and in gratitude.

That's exactly what I needed to hear today as I had listed my concerns to the angels.

It is sometimes so difficult to follow this plan that is unfolding but which you cannot necessarily see all the steps as they unfold. It is like walking through the mountains on a trail where you know you are on the mountain, but you can't see the overall shape, steepness or intricate parts of it. You're in the midst of it so you don't have the bird's eye view.

Many pieces have to come together in our lives so that certain events are able to happen. If we try to put the cart before the horse, it will be hard to travel. If we allow things to happen, then they will unfold in the way they need to. This is usually much more difficult to understand than we wish for it to be in our lives. We expect things to just unfold before us and we become impatient. Being honest with myself, I know I do this.

When the card talks about the foundation, I'm picturing in my mind building a house where if you don't pour the footers of the foundation first, but just try to stack the cement walls up, the first wind that comes along will most likely blow your house down. It takes each block being laid in a certain order with concrete to produce a wall of strength and structure. Any shortcuts in doing this will most likely not gives us a sturdy structure.

So today, I will look for the doors that are opening and have faith that they will open in the way they are meant to as I allow the open doors into my life. I will be grateful for the ones that have already opened and the ones that I cannot see which still remain.

Picture taken along Card Sound Road going to Key Largo, Florida (c) 04/23/07

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