Friday, September 17, 2010

Book Review: Touched By Angels

A couple of weeks ago, I was wandering through the library and the book, Touched By Angels, by Eileen Elias Freeman sort of found me. Really, it did! Actually, I was just wandering and browsing and out of a stack of books, this one popped out and caught my attention. Of course lately, I've been having many experiences that are angel related so my interest in peaked in this right now.

While I'm glad I read the book and I enjoyed it overall, there were parts of it that I could have done without. I'm sure the author had the best of intentions but at times I felt like her own belief system was what was writing the book. I guess, for a subject like this, that is to be expected at some level. However, there were times, especially at the end of the book where I felt beliefs were more the motivating factor behind the writing than true experience. It is hard to say, because she does lay out a compelling line of reasoning for what she writes. Regardless, I found my inner self questioning a few things at the end.

One of the things that I do not understand is how people who are mediums have trouble with people who sense angels. And people who sense angels struggle with people who are mediums. Now, I've heard from both sides how the other really doesn't exist or they don't think they do and that bothers me. I'm one that has happened to have seen both sides and I know one other friend that sees both sides, mediums and angel people. If you're a medium and you say that you don't believe people can communicate with angels, that doesn't fit in my life's experiences. If you are an angel person and claim that mediums are not necessary or really don't fit into life, than that too does not fit into my experiences. I'm more concerned though with how these two groups seem to focus on each other in this way. It doesn't make sense but then if you hold on to a set paradigm of belief, than it at least explains some of it.

Another part of the book that I have difficulty with is when the author starts talking about fear in a bad way. Fear is not something any of us enjoy and we usually run away from it. To make it out to be a bad thing though is simply inaccurate and there were several references to this concept in the book. Fear is in our lives to give us guidance and to help us go deeper into our own awareness, healing and consciousness. Without fear, many humans would just exist instead of pushing themselves forward. Fear has its place in our life but if we become overwhelmed by it to the point where we act as if it is a bad thing, than fear is controlling your life more than you realize. That is not healthy! I realize, that this concept is hard for many to understand but fear is in our life for a reason and the more we discover why it is there, the more conscious and aware we are as humans.

I do want to share some positive parts of the book because there were many and I don't wish to give the impression that I thought it was a bad book. I just disagree with the author in some of these areas and again, this comes from my own experience. I have not only witnessed these things personally that I talk about in myself but I have seen strong evidence of them in many others.

The stories of the people who have had lives touched by angels, now that is something to really celebrate in this book. The only thing is, I wish there would have been far more stories. In fact, I thought there was going to be so I was disappointed that there were not more of them. The stories are what made the book because it isn't beliefs or concepts that are being told. It is just the experiences of these people in real life.

These stories really touched my life in a positive way and some of them seemed very familiar. I was struck in just how simple but profound, the experiences happened. The stories were varied but it was very clear that they had been visited by an angel. The stories were touching and heart warming and if you want to know more, you'll have to read the book because I'm not going to give that away in this review.

There was some interesting information at the beginning of the book on the concept of angels including their purpose and how they looked, appeared or are around us. I found that interesting and am not totally sure where the author derived all that information. Some of it was different than what I had heard at other times but I will of course file this information in my brain and see how it matches up to other things I read and experience.

Overall, I'm glad I read this book and it was an easy read. I enjoyed reading it very much. The best parts were the stories. The worst parts, were the beliefs that got interjected into it. If you are interested in angels, I would strongly encourage you to read this book and of course form your own opinions. Many of these things are not something that any of us truly know. Very few people can describe without a doubt everything there is to know about angels.

I myself have had many experiences with angels and I talk to them daily. I'm really not too worried how others would evaluate my experiences because I know they are what they are. There have been times my angels have helped me through some very difficult moments and there are other times that I just feel their presence and know they are around me. I do feel so peaceful and calm and uplifted when their presence has been known to me.

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  1. I am a medium who has seen, heard and has experienced first -hand the Angelic Realm.

  2. Thank you Natalie. My heart is warmed to know this. With gratitude of love - Don






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