Friday, July 1, 2016

Do you empower the possibility of hope in life?

Its easy for us to get taken under by events of our day.  Sometimes life can be challenging as we face the difficult moments in life.  The question should be, "do you empower the possibility of hope in life?"

Sometimes we say we do, but we really don't.  Sometimes we think we do, but we stay stuck in misery.  Sometimes we think we are reaching out, but far too many times, we are in search of misery.

I know, I've been there.  It isn't easy sometimes and other times it can be just about as difficult as one could ever imagine.  If you've walked through the fires of life or are currently walking through them, you know without a doubt, just how difficult life can be.

While I don't necessarily agree with just changing thoughts and ignoring what is before us, sometimes we have to step up another rung on our ladder to see something different.  I feel it is very important to embrace all that we are currently experiencing in the moment, but sometimes even that can be too overwhelming.

In the midst of those moments...

When you're in the midst of those moments, stop and allow yourself to catch up.  Realize that you're trudging through heavy stuff right now, but with all things, it will pass.  The days will get easier at some point.  You can't have a storm without seeing the sunshine and the rainbow appear after the storm is past.

Empower the possibility of hope in life but taking the moment you have and just being okay with it.  Embrace it.  Love it.  Nurture it.  These moments will get you through, but if you fight them with all your energy, you will just drain yourself of necessary resources to move forward.

Hope and Possibility...

There is possibility and hope.  There is the possibility of hope in life if we keep looking for it.  No matter how difficult things can get, there is always possibility.  It is what has kept me going through some of the most difficult times I've encountered.  It is what keeps me in this world at times when I can see no other way.

Empower the possibility of hope in your life and it will propel you to the next moment you so desperately long for and want.  It will give you the strength to make it through.  It will help you see much more than you can see in this one tiny moment of your life.

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