Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Helping Find Balance In A Crazy World

Lately, it seems like things are upside down.  It feels like we live in a crazy world and finding balance in it can be anything but easy.  The more the voices scream and the rabble-rousers get attention, the more it just spirals out of control.  After awhile, I think we all want to say, enough is enough!

I try to limit my daily intake of the screaming about politicians and other crazy things of this world.  A little consumption every day can be fine and good, but too much of it and it quickly becomes toxic.  A few years ago, I stopped watching the news on TV because it seemed like it was becoming nothing more than a bunch of screaming.  There was no listening.  There was no balance.

Today, things have multiplied and while I don't think we need to silence people, I do think that people need to evaluate what it is they are saying every day.  I think people need to evaluate how they are portraying others and if they truly have the love in their heart that they do.  Finding balance in a crazy world is not as easy as those that scream at the top of their lungs hurling insults at one another or showing no respect and love for one another are too plentiful.

In my email today, another mailing came through from a major online company that deals with personal and spiritual growth.  While I love some of the products they put out, I'm really not willing to entertain frequent emails from them about their political views.  It doesn't matter if I agree or disagree with them on politics.  I did not sign up for their email newsletter to have yet, one more source of rabble-rousers to wade through each day.

According to their email, some let them know that they did not appreciate these types of emails and the owner of this company scoffed in their face.  If you try to reply back to the email, you get this message that "no one reads it".  So essentially, he can say whatever he wants and force it into my email inbox, while I'm held hostage by his actions.  This, to me, is not an enlightened spiritual and personal growth person.  It doesn't add balance to this crazy world.

My only recourse is to unsubscribe, which I have already done.  They just lost a customer and no, I won't be going back.  If they want to put out a political viewpoint newsletter, give me the option of signing up for it.  Don't just shove it in my face and make me out to be the bad guy for not wanting to read it.

In this crazy world, we can choose to do what we wish to with our days and I've more than had enough of the rabble-rousers on both sides of the political spectrum.  All anyone is doing is screaming at the top of their lungs while the opposing voices are doing the same thing.  Does anyone think that any good will come out of that?  Not everything has to be about politics.  There is much more to life than this.


This company is more than free to do what they want to do, but so am I.  I can and did choose to unsubscribe and no longer purchase their products.  That's how I am exercising my rights.  If we really want to be enlightened, then maybe some of these same people should begin acting like they are.

I try hard to not write about politics.  My attempt if I mention it is to discuss ways we can help the world using some of the real life examples of the day as a platform to lead the discussion.  My political views have nothing to do with what I write about or who I am.  They are but one tiny aspect that makes me human.  There is 99.9% of me that is made up of things in this lifetime that I find far more important than politics.

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