Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Picturing Power Of Our Mind

The picturing power of the mind is now being rediscovered by psychologists, who say that imagination is one of our strongest mind powers. Yet the picturing power of the mind is one of the oldest devices known to man for getting what he wants. - ( pg 59, Open Your Mind to Prosperity)

My mind has always been creating and I constantly see images, scenes or sometimes they play like a movie that you see at a theater. Often in school as a child, my mind would create a ton of image scenarios as if I was writing a book or directing a movie. Some people would most likely refer to it as daydreaming and some might say it is an over active mind. It could be both of those but the important thing is my mind does this about as easy as my lungs take a breath of air.

There are many times that before painting our house, I would see the colors we had chosen on the wall or when we were buying home decor, in my mind, I would see where each of the decor items would be and how they would fit in. I often plan events or projects or even things I write, in my mind first before step one is ever begun. When I drive, I do so more by the images of my route than remembering the roads I turn on especially if I have already traveled this route before.

Sometimes though I forget that I can consciously use the imaging in my mind to create that which I want to move towards. Picturing images in my mind occurs unconsciously and yet consciously I can use the same process.

For a moment, think about something you want to achieve. It could be a task, a project or maybe something you want to be different in your life. It could be a health or financial condition or something as simple as a repair problem you are facing. While you may not be able to picture all the steps in the process of what you want, that is not important. Instead create the outcome in your mind of what you do want. Pull in images, colors, sights, sounds and smells in your mind that give you that which you desire. Make the image of what you want so vivid that it is almost as if you're living it in that moment.

As you do this, begin to let it absorb into every part of your being including your mind, soul, body and senses. Feel every part of it. Sense every part of it. When you do this, things may come up in your life that need to be cleared out of the way to make this happen. These things could be significant or they could be very small and unnoticeable like fears, thought patterns, lifestyle. Whatever it is, listen to that in your body and in your mind. Take the necessary steps to clear, clean and further embrace the image you are picturing in your mind.

You may notice as you more fully embrace the image, that it may need to change or you may see something you did not see before. Take note of that and add it into your picture. Make it a part of all that you feel, sense and see.

Don't just stop at the picture part either but really feel that all of this has happened and that you are grateful for it. Give thanks for what you have imaged as if it has already happened. For you are creating that which you can have and that which is part of your entire self.

We all create our realities in a day whether they be forward and positive or draining and caught in events that have already passed us by. Sometimes we are conscious of this and sometimes it goes unseen. So make the most of your day by picturing what you want for your life and being thankful as if it already happened.

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