Friday, June 12, 2009

Can You Be Fine With That?

I sit here with an event currently taking place in my life. It is not a fun event but one I seem to repeatedly face time and time again. It brings with it the fears of a life time, the attacks on my confidence and a army of thieves who rob me of all that I am. I consider it my beloved and hated twin. While I profess, I no longer desire the sexiness of this event; somehow I hold on and cling to it as if it were my life long friend. I feed it, clothe it and give it the sustenance it needs. At the same time, I so long to never see it again.

Then I'm reminded of a lesson I've heard and been taught so many times before. Can you sit with the pain you have and be fine with it? Can you just connect to those events that are difficult to endure? Can you just let life be as it is in the moment, giving it the time and space it needs, not dictating and controlling life to your specifications?

Then I realize, that this is not easy to do. I feel sometimes as if my plate has more than I can bear. I've encountered similar situations that felt the same way but as I now look back on them, I found my way down the path. It was not easy in the moment but if I focused on the moment I had, not worrying about the steps I needed to take, than I found my footing as I went on my journey.

So to, this event that keeps rearing its head to me is one that I need to just let it be as it is. I know that is easier said than done for me, but I know that if I do this, I will go on to new discoveries within myself and in the world around me. I know that this is one moment in time for my entire life. It is not the sum total of my life but just one single moment in the span of a lifetime.

May I continue to allow myself to just be with this event and let the fears and insecurities of the moment fade away into the sunset. Remind me, that it is but a single moment in the span of my lifetime. May I just be fine with this event for the moment.

Breathe in the good
Breathe out that which you don't need
Breathe in the energy, the strength, the sustenance for your life.
Breathe out that which holds you, constricts you and binds you.
Life has so much to offer, not so little
Life is about so much more, not what it doesn't have.
Life is about possibility, hope and what can be
Life is you, us, we, them and everyone in between
Life is all together connected so intricately
Take it all in
And know that all is, just as it is for this moment.

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