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Introducing Mental Health Matters by Jody, as a new monthly columnist for Mind Body Thoughts!

Jody will be writing a monthly column about mental health matters.  I'm honored to have Jody writing for my blog and look forward to all the insight she will bring.

I'll let you learn a little more about Jody in what she wrote to introduce himself.

Watch for her monthly columns every first Monday of each month.

Current Post:  The Hits And Miss Of Pharmaceuticals (10/2/17)

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So, without further ado, here's Jody!

I am a survivor, a warrior and a conqueror. I have been sucked into the eye of the hurricane and am slowly making my way out. I have survived childhood sexual abuse, self-harm and multiple suicide attempts.

For many years I questioned why these traumas repeatedly happened to me, and now I have realized I was given this path because I am strong enough to go down it. It is that strength that has given me the ability to express and share my feelings and thoughts through words

Shortly after I was diagnosed with BPD, Depression and anxiety was when I began to blog. I use my writings as part of my healing journey and did not expect they would even be read, never mind useful to someone.

What I have learned while I am healing is that it is essential for people to know they are not alone and that there are so many others suffering with the same emotions. That if they reach out there is a community of love and support; of empathy, compassion and validation. There are people who will ask the question of utmost importance…”How can I help?”

My hope for the future
is a world where mental health is finally free of stigma.  Until then I will use my writings to enlighten people on the various aspects of Mental Health and use my voice to speak for those who don’t yet have the ability to do so.

My name is Jody and I am not my illness.

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