Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How Do I Quiet My Mind?

From my morning meditation time on June 28., 2010. As I was sitting there in my refreshing, cool and simply peaceful surroundings, my mind was racing. There were many thoughts swirling around as to what I needed to accomplish, someone that was struggling with pain, and just about everything else that I could think of. So my thoughts turned to the question of "how do I quiet my mind? ". While I realize, there are many ways to do this, the ideas I am listing here were what came to me during this time.

1) Keeping perspective for this moment.
2) Recognize fears and worries.
3) Honor the unknown
4) A conscious decision to let go
5) Noticing my body and my breathing
6) Feeling all of my body including the areas of discomfort
7) Realizing that this is a sacred time
8) Making the conscious choice to just be in this moment
9) Loving myself enough to give myself permission to quiet my mind
10) Gently breathing in and breathing out
11) Noticing the joys in my life
12) Knowing that all things will work out as seen by my path to this point
13) Offering myself a new day to create, mold and shape it as I desire and sense that it needs to be done.

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