Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Perspective is what you have that may or may not change from the current moment to the next moment. Doesn't that sound a little confusing and convoluted? Yes, but it is a true statement.

You see, right now if you each of us thinks about some issue, some event or something in our lives, we have a perspective about it. That's right. Our perspective is colored by how we see things and how our minds filter the information that we receive. Not all of our minds sees the information in the same light. We're at different points in our lives and places and learning. We've all had different experiences which bring us to our current moment in time. Even if your experiences were almost identical to someone else, you still have a different mind that sees things through your own filters.

So does that make your perspective wrong and my perspective right or does it make my perspective wrong and your perspective right? I would say no to both statements. Sure, there are some things that could fall into one of these two statements but that's not my point here. We're beyond that point for the purpose of this discussion.

What I am referring to is how do you view the world? How do you view your body and its relationship to every day life? How do you view where you are going in the world and what you are learning? These are the questions from which give us all perspective and from which the perspective really matters in my view. Beyond these walls, there is so much noise and if were not careful, that clanky noise can convince us that it is a symphony.

It is up to each one of us to know ourselves and to know as much about how we tick, how we think and where we are headed. It is our own perspective about ourselves and the more we know, the more complete we are. Many times, we fear that which we do not know and so instead of going into these things, we stand on the outer edges of all there is to experience in life.

So my challenge to not only myself and to everyone that reads this is "to thine own self be true".

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  1. A great example of this is how siblings (and their parents) remember the same events. It never ceases to amaze me how differently my sister and I remember the same event.






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