Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Your Personal Power Of Communication

Written By Don Shetterly

One of the things I keep noticing on social media is how we fail to communicate.  For platforms that are designed to communicate, we're failing big time!  It is sad because I believe communication is one of the things that help us become so much more.

There are so many times I read responses, and I literally have no idea what I am reading.  It is like a bunch of words and cryptic letters compiled together to form a thought which I cannot read.  I feel like it is a foreign language known only to the person that created it.

In news articles, some headlines are packed full of words but mean little.  It is almost as though the author is trying to cram all the possible discussions into one short title or article.  I read articles that afterwards, I have no idea what I just read.  Nothing in them makes sense, but it fills page after page on my screen.

Another thing I have seen is how people make up words that kind of sound like something that is logical, but again you have no definition for the word.  Instead of explaining the meaning of the made-up word, it is just treated as if all know what it means.

Be clear to get the result you want...

Communication is difficult at best when we are trying to get our point across, but when we purposely do it lazily, it becomes almost impossible.  If you expect someone to understand what you are saying in a millisecond, yet you are nowhere close to being clear in how it is stated, your result will not be favorable.

We spend far too much time these days on communicating in a world like we've not known until this point.  If we keep communicating so no one can understand, we will soon become a civilization that has no connection.

I realize that sometimes I miss the mark in what I write, but it isn't for lack of effort.  Sometimes, I just cannot get my point across.  I understand it in my head but writing it, so others understand it, is difficult.  I cannot imagine using special characters, abbreviated words, and lack of coherent thoughts to communicate.  I would fail miserably.

Maybe while embracing this new technology, we need to not diminish communication but use it to enhance what we say.  Maybe we need to think another second or two before we respond or write something online.

The more we learn to communicate more effectively, the more personal power we have when it comes to getting others to understand what it is we are saying.

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