Monday, August 21, 2017

Medium Life - When Spirit Says Thank You

(Written by A Happy Medium, Amanda)

I had completely different plans for my column this month, but I was sidetracked by this fantastic thing that happened in my house. A light bulb came on over my head and I thought to myself, “Self, people are always asking you about spirit communication. Maybe you should talk about the ways in which spirits say thank you after readings.”

What a great idea!

So those of you that have known me for a while know that I provide readings to clients in my home. When giving a reading, I open myself up to the guides, angels, archangels, Ascended Masters and deceased loved ones associated with the client.

The messages come through and I pass those on to my clients, but what happens after the reading?

Sometimes, spirits are so glad to communicate, they thank me. People often ask me if I am afraid of the spirits. My answer to that is, usually no. I set strong boundaries and protection around my house that the only energies that can enter are positive and high vibrational, so I’m not really too concerned about finding anything scary (I have had one scary, dark entity in my house – but that’s a subject for another post!).

Hopefully my clients won’t mind that I share these stories. Of course, I won’t share any names or really specific details.

A while ago, I did a reading for a girl who came to see me and I picked up on a child energy that was around her. There was a child in the family who had passed away. I can’t remember the circumstances now, but I think she was stillborn (so sad!). The family still remembers the little girl, of course. I kept seeing a connection to toys and balloons. The client told me that she had often experienced this energy wanting to play with her when she was a child and that now all these years later (she has a child of her own), she’s noticed this energy again coming to play with her own child. I brought through the messages from the spirit and continued on with the reading and the client left.

I was sitting on my couch surfing Facebook and decompressing from the reading when a helium balloon floated past me. I was in the house, the windows were closed and the heat wasn’t on. The balloon came floating into the living room at a pretty good speed as if it was being pulled. I think it was a Santa Claus balloon that we had bought for my son.   I just looked up from my Facebook perusal and said, “That’s weird.” Then I remembered the little spirit from the reading. I just looked up at the balloon floating in the living room and said, “You’re welcome!”

You can hear me?

When I’m giving readings, I often hear spirits say, “You can hear me?” or “I’m trying really hard to communicate and this is how I do it.”

It’s interesting how they communicate. It could be something like smelling their scent, or lights going on and off, or finding coins or repetitive numbers. There are a lot of ways they use to let us know that they are still here.

I was doing a reading for a couple of clients back to back this week. I was talking about the way that this spirit communicates and asked them if they have noticed that lights are on when they come home, or that taps are running because I feel a real connection to water and electricity. It really felt to me like this spirit was manifesting using light switches.

I finished my reading on Wednesday evening, saged, closed the channel and went off to bed not really thinking any more about it.

I have to add a little bit of backstory here. So, we have a gas fireplace in my house and it’s never really worked properly. It’s controlled by a switch which is next to the fireplace, and try as I might in the winter, I’ve never really been able to get it to work. We had a repairman come in and service it once, but even since then, the fireplace really hasn’t worked that well.

You also need to know that where I live in B.C., Canada we have wildfires decimating a large portion of our province and this week we are in the middle of a heat wave.  It’s been 34 degrees Celsius where we live for a few days now.

On Thursday morning, I woke up to go to work and my husband came up from the basement (he works nights). He asked me who turned on the fireplace. Apparently he got home around 5AM and it was about 96 F in the living room.

I raised an eyebrow at him and commented that the fireplace has never really worked properly. Anyway, why would I turn on the fireplace when it’s so hot out? He said he didn’t know, but when he came home it was on, blazing away.

Suddenly it clicked.

I said that it must have been that spirit I brought in the night before who told me he was manifesting and using light switches.  I had a reading last night with the sister of the client I read on Wednesday and told her about the fireplace. She laughed and said that it was probably something he would do.

Last night after her reading, I saged really well and told him that he shouldn’t turn on the fireplace anymore because it is so hot! Sure enough this morning it was still off. I released him with love. I think it was his way of saying, “Thanks. You got it right. You brought a lot of comfort to my family.”

It’s another way this work is so rewarding. Not only do you bring comfort to the living, but you bring communication and comfort to the spirits that are trying to get through. So wonderful. So if you do something for a spirit and you notice something strange happening, maybe you have asked for help making a decision or you’ve asked them to manifest, trust that what has happened is down to them.

I always think it’s neat when I get a little nod from the spirit world!

Until the next time!

 - Amanda (A Happy Medium)

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  1. Amanda, you brought me so much comfort...I continue to benefit from the one session we had. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with us!






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