Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How Polluted Is Your Home?

I saw this article in a recent newsletter I got as part being a Young Living Essential Oils distributor through my Upline "Zia's Essential Connection". I'm not sure where she comes up with all of these great facts for the newsletter but it is always an informative piece of information.

Here's some tidbits of information from the recent newsletter:

  • The typical consumer spends $266 each year on fragrance products for the home. (candles, plug in air fresheners, aerosol air fresheners, and so on)
  • Formaldehyde, petroleum distillates, p-dichlorobenzene and aerosol propellants are the four chemicals from which most air fresheners are made.
  • These chemicals above that make the air fresheners are according to the EPA highly flammable and strong irritants to eyes skin and throat.
  • Consider that a study showed significantly greater prevalence rates of asthma and chronic bronchitis were found in children from houses with formaldehyde levels of 60-120 ppb than in those less exposed, especially in children also exposed to environmental tobacco smoke. Think about that for a moment and read this statement again if it doesn't quite sink in.
So what can you do? If you look at the book Clean House Clean Planet, you'll see that the author talks about this subject as well. One of the quickest and least expensive ways to get an air freshener in the room is by taking baking soda and putting it in a jar, than adding one of your favorite essential oils to it. Mix it in and put it in the room. It works well and I use it all the time with Peppermint.

Now don't go out and use cheap essential oils that you can find in any store because there is a big difference in the effectiveness and purity of essential oils. Don't trade one form of pollution for another. I use Young Living Essential Oils because of their purity and effectiveness. Yes, they tend to be more expensive, but it does not take many drops of them in order to be more than enough for what you need. Not all essential oils on the market are created equal and this is one case where spending a little more will be well worth it in the end.

If you click on the picture on this post, you'll see one of the examples of my air fresheners. It is one of those little jars that would have spices you might find on the table in a pizza place. It was pretty cheap to buy and the baking soda is pretty inexpensive as well. I just use a few drops of peppermint and mix it in, than place it in the room. Mainly I'm using them in the bathrooms and if the door is shut, it doesn't take long to smell the peppermint. Plus baking soda helps absorb odors and it is not toxic like all these other things.

I can also get the Young Living Essential Oils for you so please feel free to contact me about those!

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