Monday, December 29, 2008

Pain, It Does A Body Good

Pain.. ahh yes, you might be saying. I've got pains here and there and in places I didn't even know could hurt. Then you might go on to tell me that you've been to the doctor and the doctor has all kinds of fancy names for your pain as well as medications to take to "rid" your body of the pain (also known as numbing the body from the pain).

But.. that's a loaded word and I would agree. Have you ever stopped to consider what's behind the pain? I mean, it is usually there for a reason. Sure we tend to know that but do we really know that that means. Come on be honest. Be totally 100% honest now.

You see, our bodies are made up of a lot of sensory nerves and tissue that brings information back to the brain. For the sake of an example, let's say you smash your thumb with a hammer. Now most of us realize that this hurts like everything and most of us would know that the pain information gets sent back to the brain and then the mouth usually goes "OUCH THAT HURT". In a simplistic way, that's how our body works. The pain is there to tell us something is wrong and it needs attention or correction pretty darn quickly.

Of course though, in our modern times, we're too busy or too preoccupied or have a zillion and one other reasons why we just want this pain to go away that invades our body. Some of it may be conscious and most likely a fair share of it is unconscious. That is, we really don't know why we have the pains we do. And while people may want to attach all kinds of reasons for what this pain or that pain means, it is much more deep than that.

So let's get back to the pain we feel and what's the first reaction we have: how do I make this pain go away. You reach for the meds or the aspirin and hope that it will make the pain disappear. If that doesn't work, you try and live with it hoping it will go away. And if all else fails, you make an appointment with a doctor to get some more meds and find a way to attach a cutesy little label to your condition. So now you've got it all taken care of right? Well as long as you take your meds and remember to tell everyone what cutesy name is attached to your condition.

What if there would be another way to deal with the pain. One that you might not have thought about before. And yet, it is one that is built in to our biological systems we call our body. What is this other way, you ask? It's all about going into the pain and letting your body feel it. But not just feeling the pain and stopping there. Letting it go all the way through until you've reached the dark side so to speak. When you can allow yourself to push through any fears that may arise and go into the pain, you will have much greater awareness of yourself and your body, thereby giving you the opportunity of making new choices to free yourself from the pain. I'm not saying this is easy for most people to do but with a little training and support, this is not some pie in the sky concept. It is a very viable way to give freedom to yourself.

You know, there are times when medications and doctors and surgeries are necessary. I'm not saying that it is all one way or the other. What I am trying to say is that all too often, we as a society tend to focus on masking the pain instead of truly going in and freeing ourselves from the pain. It is a choice that we make every day we are alive. While we may not fully understand how this process can unfold, we do make a conscious choice of what information we allow into our lives and what we allow ourselves to experience.

So the next time you have pains or you feel sick or whatever is going on, try to take a moment and see what's behind the pain. Maybe it is something in your current situation that if you made a change, the pain would go away. Sometimes just stopping and listening to our bodies can be one of the best gifts that we could ever give ourselves. It is in that moment, that we allow ourselves to become so much more unified and have greater awareness. The more awareness we have, the more information we can access to make much more informed decisions about our lives.

What are the possibilities?

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