Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Depression Sucks

Some days I don't feel much and other days I feel too much.  Some days I care and other days I could care less.  I feel robbed and cheated and used and abused.  I feel lonely, forsaken, and left alone in this world.

I fight the loneliness, but yet I want to hide in my cave.  I fight the hurt and pain, but yet I can't feel.  I want to love and care, but I've been so hurt that those things feel like sharpened swords flying towards me at high speed.

Depression saddens me, but it is my friend.  Depression is horrible, but at this moment it feels like my solace.  Depression shades everything around me and distorts all that I see.  Depression saddens me.  Depression hurts me.

I see the happy thoughts and I hear the battle cries from all those around me.  The thoughts and cries seem wonderful, if only I didn't live in this darkened world.  I'm reminded of the simple steps to think differently and change my life, but I'm forever chained by depression.

I get up each day, fighting and hoping that things will be different.  I get up each day hoping that depression will have vanished in the night.  I get up each day just hoping and wishing and begging that this will have been one horrible nightmare last night.

Depression sucks.  Depression is horrible.  Depression is like chains that bind you to the point of living a life unlike the one you desire.

I so badly want to flee depression.  I so energetically try to flee depression.  Yet, as I look behind me, I see depression pushing me forward.

Why can't I just stop and punch it in the face?  Why can't I just stop and obliterate it so that it never follows me again.

Why, I ask?


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