Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Neck Tension Be Gone

The other day I had been working at my computer for many stressful hours.  My neck and shoulder was hurting from the tension that was building up.  Stress has a way of doing that to the body.  For each one of us, stress affects and zeroes in on different parts of our body.  For me, the neck and shoulder is where I really feel it.

The neck and shoulder pain were intensifying as the day went.  It was attempting to create a gigantic headache because I could feel it tugging on my upper head tissues.  So, I decided enough was enough and I would apply some of the things that I had learned on the table working with Dr. Canali.  This may all sound funny and strange and weird but it works.  Feel free to laugh when you read it, because that might be the thing you need.

I was alone and I acted almost like I was a cheer leader doing a cheer.  I saying nonsensical phrases like “you say go”, I say “who”.   But as I was doing it, I was dancing around like a cheer leader (I know…funny) and like punching my arms into the air with force and connection.  I was shocked at just how quickly that tension went away.  I had only a few minutes in-between activity that day, but those few minutes got rid of the pain and tension.

It isn't about the words that I used or how I did the actions.  It was about connecting the nonsensical vocal words with the actions and feeling every part of anger and frustration and stress that had built up in me.  It was about letting myself go and connect the mind, body, soul, and emotions.

Many people go through their day not even noticing the tension in their body.  It isn't until some major health situation shows up that they begin to take notice.  Unfortunately the remedy most often used is taking one pill or another.

We can do far more for ourselves than we realize.  We as humans fail to fully comprehend that even if we can state these words as facts.  It is a deficiency in the human mind and in our culture.

Think of this funny little exercise I did for no more than 5 minutes and note just how much it changed my physical body.  Afterwards, I was more grounded and centered in my day.  Amazing how the simplest of things we can do become an earth shattering effect on our body and our mind.

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