Thursday, March 19, 2015

We Have It Good

As I was viewing a historical site, Ft Boonesborough, I just had one of those moments of reflection.  I was looking at the cabins within the fort and seeing all their living conditions.  There was nothing great and everything they had was limited.

If they had a wooden bed to sleep on up off of the floor, it was a lot.  They didn't just go down to their local Target, Walmart, or IKEA and buy a bed.  They had to make it and that meant cutting trees down, sawing them up and putting it all together.  Even if they did all of that, having a nice mattress or comforter and sheets was a luxury.

In one cabin, there was nothing more than a straw bed on a dirt floor.  Imagine that!  I know some in this world still live in those conditions.  In the United States, we don't even consider these conditions.  It doesn't even enter our consciousness most of the time.  We are often oblivious to what occurs in our world, unless it is a newscast on the TV.

We worry about having the latest Android or iPhone or the latest music item or video game.  It seems like were more concerned with what a celebrity is doing what and which politician is making some outrageous statement.  We worry about the insignificant things and lose site of the most important things.

There are people starving in the world and there are people living on nothing but a dirt floor or cardboard box.  You don't have to travel outside of  your own city to most likely see this.  Most likely there is someone in your current circle of people you know that can barely survive and struggling to put food on the table.

It isn't that you can't enjoy things in life and have some nice stuff, but if you fail to see humanity as a whole, what good is that?   Some organizations are good at helping others and some just line their own pockets while proclaiming how much good they are doing.  This goes for individuals too.

When the least of us suffers, we all suffer.  When we ignore those that need help, we are part of the problem in the world.  Let us turn away from our own selfish desires and see others are worthy of our love, respect, and help.  Let us give because our heart urges us to give and help, not because the ego enjoys it.

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