Thursday, March 12, 2015

Toxic Vegetables For Sale

As I saw the sign above the produce, I gasped with frustration and anger.  After all I was shopping for some healthy vegetables in Publix.  When I looked up, I was greeted with a sign that said, "these fruits and vegetables are coated with Food-Grade Vegetable Petroleum Beeswax and/or Lac Resin-Based Wax or Resin".

Oh, so delicious!  Give me some more of that stuff.  I like eating unnatural stuff on the healthy vegetables that the earth provides.  Yes, I love "petroleum" based products on my nice raw vegetables.  After all, that's the way they were created on earth to be consumed.  I'm sure they come out of the ground that way.

I know, I know, the reason for this is to help the shelf life.  I know, I know, these products have all been tested on lab rats to be 100% safe or that's what they tell us at least.  Poor rats!  I'm sure the food companies all have our best interests in mind when they add this stuff and they would never dare do something that would harm us.  The food companies would never do that to us.  Excuse me for a moment.... cough,,   cough,,,  sputter....

Here's the thing.  I can't prove or disprove that these coatings on food are good or bad for you.  I doubt you will find good and true research that is accurate on this subject.  I'm sure if I googled the subject, I'd find all kinds of information for and against these things.  I'm sure there are a few individuals that know the truth, but what they know will never see the light of day.

All I know is that when these things are grown in the earth, they don't come to us coated with all the "substances" that food companies are putting on them.  They don't have Petroleum Beeswax on them.  They come out of the earth in a natural and healthy way.  Why do I need to consume low levels of this crap on my healthy fruits and vegetables.  Its ridiculous to say the least.

I could expect this behavior from a place like Walmart, but not Publix.  I always thought Publix had greater requirements and a higher quality for what they sold.  Their prices sure don't reflect "cheap foodstuffs".

When I see signs like this, an image automatically pops into my mind that says one word - "CANCER"!!!  You can laugh at me.  You can say I'm crazy and don't know what I'm talking about, but I still see the image.  It comes up on my screen!  50 years ago we didn't add all of this crap to our foods.  Maybe we're hurting ourselves more today than we realize or we even wish to think about in our day.  Maybe we are all mind-numbed robots.

Yes, I'm sure one could eat organic everything, but where we live, it isn't like we can easily find that.  I'm sure one could eat direct from local farmers, but again that is not easy where we live.  Organic is not cheap either, no matter how you slice them apples.

I continue to be amazed at just how we adulterate our food and how much we most likely are harming our bodies.  I think it is high time we wake up and learn what healthy and natural food is, not the human altered stuff that we sell in our stores. I think any food company or grocery store that sells stuff like this should be completely ashamed of themselves.

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