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Monday, March 30, 2015

Stress Level Max

I feel like I've been under assault lately.  Constantly not being able to get away from everything.  Some days I want to throw my phone as far as I can throw it and never turn on my computer again.  My stress level is maxed out.  I'm not sure how I'm still standing.

It seems like I don't even have time to keep up with friends or do the things I enjoy doing like my music, painting, and being in nature.  If I could do those things in my sleep, maybe I could still do them.  It feels overwhelming.  It feels like "how much more can I take" kind of situation.

Yet, I love what I'm doing, but its taking a toll on my body.  Constant headaches are showing up.  Sore and tense muscles are prevalent.  Other things that I notice are just signs of constant stress and I'm beginning to wonder, is it all worth it.

I don't know.  I don't have answers.  I can't even begin to focus right now.  If one more person needs something from my day, I feel like I'm going to flip out.  Of course, maybe tomorrow I'll feel different, but I'm tired and stressed.

Okay, that felt better to rant and rave about it.  Sorry, if I bummed your day out.


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