Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Taken Advantage Of In Life

This may end up being a post that is a rant and there's a possibility it may not even make it to the light of day.  I get so tired by people trying to take advantage of me in life.  I'm talented and skilled and I think fast on my feet.  I get that.

Unfortunately some with egos the size of the sun feel that this means they can take advantage of me.  All they care about is the almighty dollar or making themselves appear good.  That's it!  I know I'm not the only one to face such a situation.

Its hard to find people that truly respect you, care about you, and want to do whats best for all involved.  Even they get compromised by the big egos and small minded people.

I don't understand humans and this is one of those moments my brain does not have adequate capacity to understand.  Those that think and actually have control over your day annoy me.  I'd like to look at them, peer into their brain if they have one and ask, do you only just look out for yourself while screwing the other person.

Maybe I'm too harsh on these people.  Maybe they just don't realize how big their ego is and how controlling they need to be.  Maybe they just have a brain that doesn't work enough to allow them to see this.

I'm just tired of it.  I'm at a crossroads and I'm not sure what my next step is.  I will only take so much and I passed that mile marker many miles back.

I try to treat people respectfully and with compassion.  I expect the same in return.  Unfortunately I must be living in a state of utopia.

Of course, maybe everything will have been resolved by the time this is actually posted or I will have made the appropriate decision so I don't feel taken advantage of in life.  I just refuse to be treated the way I am at this moment.

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