Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Are You Adding To The Discussion

How many days do we go through that we see the same old and tired worn out postings on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media?  It seems like the same stories, the same feel good pictures, the same articles to get worked up over, the same posts and forwards and shares all just continue time and time again.  If you didn't see it the first million times, don't worry!  There will be another million times to see it.

My question is to the masses.  Are you adding to the discussion in the day?  If not, why?

This goes for things that everyone deems as being good because they feel good.  If you oversaturate the day with all of these, they all become diluted.  If all you share in a day is feel good stuff, I think it becomes like the boy who constantly cries wolf.  Soon, no one hears it.  If they hear it, it becomes just noise in a day.

Sometimes I see the stories that everyone gets worked up about showing up over and over.  It is like, one comment sparks another and another and soon, people are all up in arms over a story that happened some time ago.  Then I think to myself, really?  Not this again!  We as humans liked to get worked up about stories spread around the internet, even though they may or may not be true.

Then there is the political things.  I'm amazed at how some posts on social media are so consumed by politics.  It is almost like there is nothing else to talk about in a day.  I've gotten to the point where I completely ignore these things and unfollow posts and places because of it.  It just gets old and worn out to me.  A few sparsely balanced posts is one thing, but this constant tirade over every political subject makes me want to vomit.  I fear, with an election coming up, it will only get worse.

Yes, I know social media thrives on getting people worked up to share and like and forward everything.  That's how they use the pawns (you and me) to make money for their sites.  Mark Zuckerberg didn't get wealthy by Facebook not doing this.

Honestly though in a day, we have to start asking ourselves - are you adding to the discussion of the day?  If what you write and share and post is not there, will the world still function tomorrow without missing a beat?  If you fail to pass something on, will the world continue on its course?  Will it affect the outcome of the day?

I think we've really got to ask ourselves these hard questions, because we are drowning each other in a sea of useless nonsense.  One or two things makes for good balance, but article and post and like and share, one after another makes for annoying moments of crying wolf.

Find balance in your day.  Find the moments that inspire you and lift you up and make you feel like you can take on anything you need to do.  Find the moments that make you human and help you discover those rough edges within yourself.  For when you do, the rest of the world will know it, without you sharing or liking or posting something on social media.

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