Monday, March 23, 2015

Rush To Judgement

These days, there is no such thing as innocent until proven guilty.  In our current form of news dissemination, we all rush to judgement before we know the facts.  It doesn't matter what story is reported, everyone seems to be an armchair quarterback on every news event of the day.  If everyone was as smart as they purported to be about world events and happenings all across our land, I think we would have the mental capacity to solve every problem known to man.  Okay, maybe I'm being a little too over the top by saying "everyone".

Am I cynical about all of this?  Yes, I will be upfront and tell you that I am.  I hear people tell me that they watch different news sources and then make up their own informed opinions.  Unfortunately, no matter what news source you watch, they all have their bias and their point of view.  You aren't watching "facts".  You are watching "opinions and beliefs".

Thinking that you can somehow form an unbiased or objective view and opinion from watching various news sources is like thinking that the world is flat.  Yes, some news organizations are much more one sided and biased then others, but they all have it in them.  People gravitate towards the sources of entertainment news that makes them feel good and is agreeable to them.

Its human nature to gravitate towards the familiar and show disdain for that which we do not agree with.  Believe me, the news organizations (a.k.a news entertainment organizations) know this and exploit it.  Its a fact.  One just has to open their eyes to see it.  Don't take my word for it.  Just look at it through an objective set of lenses.

Of course, before we vilify the news media personnel, they are only doing what consumers want to consume.  If people hated the various bias and lack of factual reporting, they would turn the TV off.  Unfortunately that isn't how the mind works.  The mind of most people thrives when they can fill their day with useless nonsense while thinking they are being fed a nourishing meal of fact and truth.  It isn't the news media that is the problem (okay, they don't help the problem), it is the people who consume it as if it will vanish tomorrow.

Back to the subject at hand in regards to a rush to judgement.  Not only do we use the news media to make snap opinions and beliefs, but we use social media (whether it is YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc).  Something can get liked, shared, or repeated so quickly that it becomes fact.  People don't take the time to evaluate something that is shared, they just click on like and share.

We constantly rush to judgement about all kinds of things without having true facts from which to make these determinations.  We don't lift our brains and do the heavy work to see if what is posted or said is true.  We just accept it as fact.  Just like one company that I'm an affiliate for, they rushed to judgement on a blog post before they truly saw how helpful the post was.  They were so blinded with their ego, that they missed the bigger picture.

When we rush to judge or accept everything as fact, we are opening ourselves up to be dumbed down by those with power.  The more we allow ourselves to be dumbed down, the more power we give up and the more easily we can be controlled and manipulated.

I'm not saying we should bring about an uprising or anything of this nature.  What I'm trying to get people to understand is that we have to engage ourselves from a consciousness that seeks out the truth.  We can't just be participants and then declare we have evolved into higher levels of thought.  We have to learn to see with our eyes, our heart, our mind, and our every part of our body.  We have to be able to see beyond the rhetoric that is being shoved at us in alarming rates.

The more we know, the more we can become.  The more we become, the more we lift up the entire human species.  When we do this, we help usher in a world where much greater truth and peace are alive and abundant.

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