Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Breaking The Silence

Years ago I had a website for those that had been abused so that they could be given a voice.  It was appropriately called Breaking The Silence.  Unfortunately the immaturity and dysfunction of a few brought the forum and website down.  It came to a point that by having it online, it was causing more harm than it was helping anyone.

One of the bedrock principals that I have built my life upon is breaking the silence.  I think that if you shine the light of truth upon every corner of the universe, good things will happen.  I believe that if truth goes before you, that many of the issues we face in this world would disappear.  When silence is allowed supremacy, it is then that the universe no longer is allowed to exist in the way it was intended.

I was abused and because of silence, that abuse was allowed to happen and go unchecked with everyone I knew.  The silence allowed the horrendous to happen.  The silence allowed only the good to be seen.

Silence does not serve any purpose.  It doesn't help a brand.  It doesn't help anyone become more enlightened.  It just gives the illusion of the ego that it does.  

After 7 years and 1500 posts, this blog has been forced through legal methods to take down a blog post.  I resent this to no end and I'm angry and offended by it.  I cannot give specifics. The way in which the issue was handled is atrocious.  The people making this decision only read a small part of the entire blog post, but not in all its entirety.  If they would have, they would see that it was actually a truthful and honest post that showed my own journey.  They would have seen that it was a post that actually brought many people to purchase their product.  Unfortunately their own ego got in the way and clouded their vision and consciousness.

I vowed a long time ago that I would never take down a blog post and if I had to, that this blog would come to an end.  Right now, I am contemplating what I will do next.  There is a wealth of writing upon this blog that has helped many people.  Even the blog post that was forced down has helped many people.  Knowing this, may be the only thing that keeps this blog going.

My heart hurts because of this reckless decision where the ego clouded the judgement of the person that made the decision.  I don't understand.  I probably will never fully understand why humans behave this way.  I am powerless against this decision, but it has caused great harm to my blog and to me personally.

What can I do?  Most likely, not a thing.  The company has all the power.  I wish they would reconsider, but those requests have fallen by the wayside. They have been ignored.  The all-powerful decisions makers could care less what I think.  After all, they are the enlightened ones!

If we allow the light of truth to shine upon our lives, our business ventures, products and business, then we have a chance of becoming more than we are today. The most healing moments in my life came when silence was not welcomed, but truth won (no matter how hard it was to take) .

I cannot control the actions of a few, but I can keep pushing and helping truth to win out.  May it ring loudly.  May truth always show the ego to the door.

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