Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Don't Jump On The Wagon Going Over The Cliff

We are so locked into what we believe in life that if someone presents anything but this conclusion, we bring the claws out.  We don't dare let anyone tell us anything different then what we believe.  We don't dare let anyone present something that doesn't fit into our crucible.

It is my way or the highway thinking in this country and world that is taking us down into the depths of the dark ages once again.  Either you follow what I tell you to do, or you will perish or you're stupid and ignorant.  This is what is going on in our world today whether we want to believe it or not.

No, it isn't in some other remote part of the world we have never been.  No, it isn't by some other culture or race that we know next to nothing about but what the media and politicians tell us to think.

This happens every day by those with a dogma or belief system.  Even the ones that can't see they have a belief system, they are as much of a problem as the ones who know they do.  It happens as a result of followers gulping down the poisonous kool-aid as if it is the only sustenance in the world.

Through time, we've not welcomed new concepts.  We've all gone to our own little caves and acted as if we had the facts.  Those that believe like us, we embrace.  Those that don't believe like us, we shun.  Yet, we proclaim to the world how right we are and how much we are enlightened and accept the beliefs other people hold dear.

Unfortunately, each and every one of us are locked into our own paradigms.  When we can't explain things fully for people to understand, we retreat back into the safety of our paradigm.  It is the paradigm that we hold on to so tightly that is choking the air out of our lungs.

Question all that is said.  I don't care who the person is or how popular they are.  Question them and if you aren't satisfied, continue to question them.  Don't accept what they say because its the popular thing to do and everyone has jumped on the bandwagon.

If you saw a wagon heading toward the cliff and everyone jumped on, would you jump on to the wagon?  If you tried to tell the same people that they were heading towards a cliff and they shunned you, would you stop trying to tell them?

In all reality, we as humans are like the wagon going towards the cliff.  Yet, everyone thinks that you have to jump on and be part of their group.  If you don't, they laugh and wail at you, but when you see they are going over the cliff, you can only weep in sadness for them.

Let's expand our awareness not by locking ourselves into religion or science or beliefs, but by recognizing that we are doing this.  Let's expand our consciousness by letting go of all that we think is truth so we can find truth.  Let's expand who we are by learning what it means to become human, not just one of the group riding over the cliff in the wagon.

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