Friday, March 25, 2016

If You Shun The Negative People

I see this going around social media all the time and it really makes me want to puke.  Yep, I mean puke!  Everyone is telling others to "shun the negative people" or "drop the negative people" or "avoid the negative people" in their life.  Unfortunately, I'm wondering how much less human can you become.

First off, who are you to judge which person is negative or not and to what degree can they be negative about their life.  Did you get a certificate or blessing from God to be able to do this?  Maybe you were anointed as the one that knows all and can classify this person or that person as a negative one, while another is not negative.  Maybe you think I'm negative by writing this. 

Second, if you ditch and drop and avoid the negative people, what will you have left in this world.  I don't see anyone out there that doesn't have negative parts of their life.  So, does the negative have to be at a certain percentage before you drop, avoid, and discard them or is that subject to how you feel about them?

Third, maybe someone that seems negative to you is having a rough time in life and they really need a helping hand to steady them along their current part of their path.  Maybe they are reaching out in the only way they know how.  However, you in your ultimate wisdom and condescension see them as less than and not deserving this part of life.  Your judgment precludes you from caring about them.

Yes, I know that we all have our own paths of difficulty to walk in this world.  Most if not all of us are blinded by our own deficiencies while we point out those in everyone around us.  Most, if not all of us think that we have the whole world together while others are losers and horrible people.

Consider this though, what if you reached your hand out in love and compassion, rather than judgment and critique?  What if you reached out to wrap your arms of love around someone that was struggling hard in life?  Don't you think that would make a difference in their life?

Instead of judging and shunning or avoiding the negative people, try being human.  Try connecting with the pain others are feeling so that maybe you as well as them will be healed.  Most likely, if someone is bugging you or you think you want to avoid them, they are in your life for a reason.  You can of course choose to avoid, shun, or drop them, but there goes what you're supposed to learn from them.

The world is hurting and it definitely does not need more judgment with less compassion.  We have real issues on this planet and the last thing we need to do is shun who we determine are the negative people in this world.  When we do that, we are not helping the world.  We are only hurting every person.

After I wrote this, I realized that I had written something similar days before.  Rather than deleting this, I am leaving it up here because it is too important of a topic to take down.  I'm seeing this subject so much, that I feel like it is 100% necessary to counteract the negativity of shunning negative people that it needs to be reiterated. 

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  1. I think maybe you've mistaken 'negative' people for 'toxic' or 'abusive' people. Believe me, I've tried repeatedly to reconnect to my biological family after running away from home when I was 15. Each time I do, the cycle of abuse starts up again. My life isn't perfect on its own, not by a long shot, but to have people who take your money, steal from you, physically and emotionally do horrendous things to me, have told everyone that I ran away in the first place because I was insane and forget to mention the clearly documented abuse... not to mention not come from the hospital when I called to tell them I had been run over they refused to answer their phones because it was hard for THEM to deal with the fact... Honestly, can you say that I am in any way better with people like that? Especially when all their apologies and promises evaporate at the first opportunity. If you're lucky enough to never have had a truly toxic or abusive person or group of people in your life that's awesome. But it's not an easy thing to cut people out, especially when I would have had to have a loving family. Fortunately there are a lot of people who do love me, they just aren't related to me.






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