Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Jail We Live In

So on a conference call with Christie Marie Sheldon today, a topic that came up was one that kind of made me sit up and think.  The call was about unlimited abundance.  She was sharing how we build the jail that we live in and that keeps us living in a world that really is not meant for us.  So, why don't we let ourselves out of the jail we have built for our life?

I don't know about other people, but if I stop and think about that in my own life, I can see how I have many jails that I live in.  I have built them up through all the hurts, pains, stresses, and abuse I've endured.  Some of the parts of the jail I have really fortified more than others.

Maybe its not always easy for us to take a look at and clearly see just how much of a jail we have built for our life.  Yet, its all too easy to go through life thinking that this person or that one, this situation or another, this group or government is holding us back.  They are the ones that are responsible for our lot in life we exclaim.

Yet, it isn't those other people or groups or places or things that are responsible.  It is our own doing.  We create our life one step at a time, one steel bar at a time, one cement block at a time and one day at a time.  We create our life through our actions and thoughts and our shortcomings we focus on.  We create our life and the jail we live in by how we deal with all that has taken place.

Maybe we aren't one that complains and blames others, but yet we don't live our life because we feel we "HAVE TO" have the job we have, the house we have or the life we have.  We feel that we are locked into a life that we have little choice, because what would happen if we gave all of that up and let it go?  We too have built our own jail, even if it is a different jail.

Maybe we are a person that just doesn't see our life as enough or our self as enough.  We see through the cloudy dirty lenses of being less than and everyone else having it much easier or they are more talented or more gifted.  We see our shortcomings as if they are monstrous mountains before us, when they are just from the microscopes we peer through.  We have built our own jail that we live in by not seeing ourselves as all that we are.

I know, its not easy finding our way through life and we often carry so much baggage with us from days and years gone by.  The unfortunate thing though is that we are creating the jail we live in.  We are and have created the life that we currently know.

It isn't too late, because as Christie Marie Sheldon explained today, we can choose to let that go and unlock the door of our jail in our life.  We can make the choice to step out of the jail and into the life that is ours.  It is the life that we are meant to live, not the one that we have confined ourselves to for all the days of our life.

The more we lock ourselves up in the jail we have built for our life, the more we block the flow of all that is good coming into our life.  This includes unlimited abundance which is what Christie Marie Sheldon was sharing.

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