Tuesday, March 8, 2016

People Say They Care

They say it!  They proclaim it!  That is, people say they care.  They tell people how much they care and that they will always be there for others.  Unfortunately, most of the time, this is no more true than a snake wanting to make friends with you through a snake bite.

I know, there are some that actually do care.  They actually practice what they preach and do what they say.  Unfortunately they are few and far between in our day.  There is just too much lip service.

My father loved to pound his chest and say, "you're family will always stand beside you no matter what!"  Well guess what, that was a big pile of horse manure. (No offense to horses everywhere for that statement).  They were just like the ones that say they care.  It was all lip service.

I'm so tired of seeing how many people say one thing, but practice another.  We have all kinds of friends on social media and we can connect with one another in a moments notice, but in all honesty it is a facade.

We can howl about the latest political moment or scream about the injustices all around us and that becomes our mantra of affirmation. Yet, we can't even take the time to truly show others that we care.  We are too busy running from one news story to the next, one tragedy to another, or one escape of zombies to another.

If something happened in the world tomorrow that brought everything to a standstill, I don't think most people would even remember how to be there for one another.  The only thing they would be screaming for is the next political circus or news story.

Being human and caring for one another would not even rank on the "care and concern" meter.  It would show the empty words we practice.  It would show just how fake we are as a society.

It is time to put down the computer and smart phone.  It is time to quit chasing after false reality glimpses of zombies and TV.  It is time to stop coming up with more woo woo and religious fanaticism.

I'm afraid if we don't start learning to care about one another, we're going to all fall off the cliff and not even see it is coming.  Hopefully we will wake up before that day comes.

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