Friday, March 4, 2016

Standing Strong And Tall

Lately, the winds of life have hit pretty hard.  I've felt the cold.  I've felt the loneliness.  There have been many that tried to take me down and believe me, they came close.  Difficult moments in life are no stranger to me.

Yet, when I went to the mountains, I had time to take a breath and stop.  I had time to regroup and grab my footing.  It felt like I was slipping down the hillside in life and I just needed to get one moment to stop long enough to hold on.

Standing firm was what I saw in the woods around me.  Each tree was standing firm, although it was winter and it was very cold.  They did not appear to be alive for they had gone dormant, but yet inside of the tree, they were very much alive.

I saw my life in that same way.  Even though I had been battered very hard, I needed to do as the trees did and stand firm.  I realized that it was okay to being dormant for however long I needed to be dormant because in that time, I would once again bloom and blossom.

Right now, I'm sure just as the trees that are standing strong don't know, the temperatures will warm up and spring will once again arrive.  In that moment, coming alive will take place without anyone informing the trees or myself that it is supposed to happen.

Sometimes, we have to stand strong and tall.  Sometimes, it is all we can do.  When you get used and abused and treated disrespectfully because you don't fall into someone's belief system, the only thing you can do is stand strong.  Standing strong and tall is what the moment is about for your life.

It is not easy.  I've been through a lot and have had people turn on me in an ugly way.  I have questioned everything and at the time I'm writing this, I am  not prepared to draw many conclusions.

For now, I'm just attempting to stand strong and tall.  I'll let the rest of the details work out as the warm temperatures of spring arrive once again.  Even though the difficult moments of life will give way to things that I cannot see, it is nonetheless a difficult moment to travel through in my life.

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