Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Phantom Voices And Moving Pictures

I have no idea what is going on and no, I'm not in the freak-out frightened mindset either.  I just find some of these things unusual and if it was only one, I would quickly dismiss it.  However, there are just some strange things happening in the house that I refer to as phantom.  I don't have a better word for it.

Yes, I've had the phantom doorbell and phone ringing sounds happen in the past.  I've written about them on this blog and for the most part, they quit just as quickly as they came.  We've lived here for many years, so it isn't like this is a new place we came to live.  I have had a lot of stressful moments and I have been dealing with a tremendous amount of difficulties in life.

It was just about two weeks ago when I heard a phantom voice.  A voice actually startled me out of my sleep saying "hey there".  Now, it was not a frightening voice or one that scared me.  It just came as a surprise and startled me awake as if someone was trying to wake me up.  It was a very monotone voice without any inflection of emotion.

The other night, I had the phantom sound of a ringing phone return.  In this case, it sounded like a cell phone but with a ringtone that I don't use.  I didn't get up to go see if anyone was on the phone because I was basically in that real deep sleep state.  I just could hear the phone ring a couple of times.  Of course, when I got up the next morning, there were no phone calls showing up on my cell phone.

Last night, I came home and another phantom thing happened.  It was a picture that fell off the wall.  The way the picture was situated on my desk, it was like someone almost took it down from the wall, turned it over and leaned it up on my desk.  The way this picture is hung on the wall, there is no way it could have just fallen off and no one was home or in the house at the time it happened.  It was turned over close to where it came off the wall, but with what is on my desk, there is no way it could have risen up off the wall hanger and fallen off.  Nothing else was disturbed in the house or on my desk.

It feels like "someone" or "something" is trying to get my attention.  What this is about is a mystery to me at the moment.  It isn't the first time things like this has happened to me in life, but for the life of me, I wish whatever or whoever was trying to communicate, would do it in a way that made sense and I understood.

I'm not going to get all freaky and think its ghosts or zombies or spirits or whatever.  I'm not going to sit here and think that it is my imagination either because there are too many things happening that makes me believe, it is more than my imagination.

For now, my question I send out to the universe is what is the purpose and reason for all of this?  Why are these phantom sounds, phones and voices showing up?  Why did my picture get taken off the wall?  Please, enlighten me and show me why all of this is happening and the purpose of it.

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