Friday, March 18, 2016

Onions Make Me Sick

I used to love the taste but not anymore.  I'm talking about onions because they make me sick.  Too many places out there that serve food think that the more onions they put in food, the better it is.  However, for those of us that onions make you sick, it is a nightmare.

I can tolerate a small minute amount of onions finally.  For some time, I could not even tolerate them at all.  However, a food place we went to this evening decided that they were going to make a salad with mostly onions and a few pieces of lettuce.  I should have known at that point.

The next thing was the main dish.  It started out tasting good but there was a strong taste in it that I didn't recognize.  Finally I put two and two together and realized it was laced with so many onions.  I could not even finish the dish because the taste and smell of the onions was nauseating me.

Within a few more minutes, I could feel a burning in my throat.  In addition, it was not like I couldn't breathe, but my throat was swollen and breathing was much more difficult.  As I write this, my stomach feels nauseated.  The continued taste and smell of the onion in my mouth is not making things easy.

Why do these food places think that if a little onion is good, then more is better.  Sure, I know it is a "healthy food", but if it makes you violently sick to your stomach and keeps you from breathing, then how healthy is that?  Most food places don't get it either.

Its hard to find a lot of packaged products without onions.  Again, the food manufacturers go hog wild in putting onion in stuff.  I'm surprised they don't put it in bottled water because I think it is in just about everything else.

I've learned to cook a lot of foods just so they don't have onion in it.  Its the only way most of the time.  At times I can tolerate a little onion and at other times, it makes me so sick for days.

What gets me though is the over-use of onions in cooking, both in restaurants and in just about everything you buy.  Not everything out there needs onions!  You can make delicious dishes without it.

What is even more sad is that places could care less if onions are horrible for you or not.  Things that you would not think have onions in it, do have them.  Trying to find that out sometimes is difficult at best.  I've went round and round with Sweet Tomatoes only to be pretty much told, get lost.  I've learned that even if I don't think something would have onions in it, I ask if it does.  Sometimes the staff knows and often they do not!

I don't want everyone else to suffer because I can't eat onions, but I would at least like to see these food restaurants and manufacturers actually learn how to cook, not just drench the food with heavy spices.  I would like to see them notate what ingredients are in dishes you order and foods you buy.  That should be the bare minimum.

Of course though, in our society we just could care less about situations like I go through.  We think it is good for us and that's as far as our brain functions.  If you're a person though that suffers with a food allergy or sensitivity, its no fun going through it.

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