Sunday, January 2, 2011

Holding The Space For Someone

Sometimes, it gets very difficult in life to go through rough moments. We all have had those times when we were tested beyond measure and we felt it was next to impossible to make it through.

Perseverance and putting one foot in front of the other usually got us to the other side. For those around us, most likely it was difficult to watch the pain we were experiencing. At times, the difficulties we experienced most likely connected to pain within those who are close to us.

The most important help that anyone could give us in those moments was just to allow us to be in that space. Sometimes a person just needs to process the experience in order to find the way through the difficult moment.

If a person is suicidal with immediate plans or a danger to others, than life saving action must be taken. Often though, many who face despair may talk about drastic measures but it is their way of reaching out for help while they struggle to make sense of life. Most people want to fix someone or attempt to solve the difficult problems they are facing.

In all reality, what the individual needs is a listening ear or to just know that they are not all alone. Sometimes this act of pure love and compassion of just being there for the person is the strongest help one can give to another. This includes leaving your own agendas and fears out of the other person's process. For the moment of true support is not about you. It is about them!

We all need to know we are loved unconditionally. Through our life, we will come up against many challenges and if we know we are not walking alone, than we have much more strength to take on the challenges in our life. Never underestimate the power of holding the space for someone who needs a listening ear. You may be their life line back to reality.

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