Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Different Walk Through Our Life Today

What if today, we took a different walk through our life? By that I mean, everything that we hold to be the gospel truth and the only way we view things, could be dropped for one day. What if we just took all of those things and put it in a very special lock box where we could pick them up at the end of the day.

In replacement of those views and truths we hold dear in our life, we would allow ourselves to ponder everything that we have held at an arms length from our life. We would be curious about alternatives and other ways of viewing that which we are usually against. We would take a moment and listen to view areas that seem completely opposed to every fiber and cell of our life.

Of course, I'm not advocating that you give up all your long held beliefs and truths and wisdom for your life. I am just offering the possibility that for a day, you allow yourself to see things from a different perspective. You give yourself the option of understanding another view point or thought or belief system.

Just think of all that this may do for you and others around you. All to often, we get so caught up in what we have been taught to believe or what news pundits and politicians on TV tell us to believe that we miss the greater point of being a human in this world. We spend way too much time opposing viewpoints that others in this world have rather than opening ourselves up with a listening heart.

No matter who we are, we have these parts of us that are locked in the beliefs system of our lives. Our belief system is essential for us to define who we are but if it becomes who we are, than we have failed to define ourselves. A belief system is something that is constantly evolving because as you discover new worlds, the shoreline of where you traveled from looks amazingly different.

Give yourself the opportunity to travel from your current shoreline to a place you have never seen and be curious about it in a way that allows you to see a new perspective. At the end of the day, you will of course be free to open your lock box and pull out all your treasured beliefs, thoughts and views. However, there is a chance that some of these things will look different than they did when you put them in there.

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  1. love to check out your blog, because it is awakening..

    regarding, opening our minds and souls to experience what others are experiencing sounds like heaven to me. However, many of us we end up following what we were thought, or observed in our younger years..because, this is most familiar to us and give security to us. 4 years ago when I was awakened in my spirit/higher thought..I welcomed it with open arms and never realized that others around me would not be always able to understand me..including my own immediate family, they continue to love me but they really don't know how to understand me. I can understand them though, because I am open minded and accepting to all things. Life is beautiful, with all the differences, in people, religions, beliefs, languages, cultures..even if we don't agree with things we can listen and keep an open mind...and trust me..than you will know if it makes sense to your spirit, because your spirit never forgets and it has been with you in many life times and it will be with you eternally. I like the word, allowing...not accepting..but allowing..allowing everyone to be..the way they are, without judging..just letting them be and loving regardless. Sounds heavenly doesn't it. Than look back, children are like this..they are born with no prejudices, negativity and by the time they grow up..they absorb what they saw, heard and learned. Than one day we become old, and once again we learn not to judge and allow, because, once again we learn kindness as we prepare to return home..home to our true home, where there allowing, accepting, loving and learning. Than this brings me back to "choices we make", while we are living..WE have the power and the choice to be kind, loving and allowing....just ordinary thoughts.....






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