Monday, January 17, 2011

Feeling Hungry Nobody Wants

I am an avid supporter of Children International. Starting back in 1991, I had lost everything in life from family, health, the place where I lived and my income. It was a time where I barely had enough to buy food for myself. However, I made a pledge that I would support one child each month and help give them maybe just a little better life.

So in 1995, I started sponsoring my first child at Children International. Jose was from Guatemala and I enjoyed the regular letters and colored pictures that I would get from him in addition to the photos of how he was growing. Of course when he got to 16 years old, I had to select a new child. Now I am sponsoring Erick.

There have been moments that I didn't think I could keep the sponsorship up and times when I've had to put it on hold but I try and do all that I can. From the letters I get, it does make a difference in their lives. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be part of a focus group several years ago and got acquainted with the organization.

While there are some that just prey on people through advertisements, Children International is a real organization that is truly helping people in the most efficient way possible.

As I was reading the magazine of stories about sponsorship that they put out, one article touched very close to home. "Feeling hungry is a feeling nobody wants; it is terrible." If you have ever grown up hungry, you know exactly what these words mean. I never had it as bad as these children do but I do remember going through times in my childhood where I was hungry and it was not fun.

The article (on page 6, Journeys, Winter 2011) goes on to state "Most children who attend this school do not eat anything before coming to school." Imagine how the mind is supposed to work if there is no food in the stomach. No wonder these children cannot make it in life.

Yes, I know there are some out there that could make all kinds of arguments (or what I call excuses) as to why these people are in the situation they are but until you've walked a mile in their shoes, your arguments are invalid. I apologize in advance if anyone does not want to hear that but in all honesty, it is true. We as a country waste billions of dollars on things such as political races, buying the latest and greatest electronics and throwing stuff away that some people in this world would find luxuries.

My hope is that we as a country will wake up, open our eyes and see what we can do to be part of the solution instead of being part of the problem. If we are not doing anything to help, than we are part of the problem. There are people all over the world and in our communities that are going hungry and need help. Let us not turn a blind eye to them.

To learn more about sponsorship through Children International, please check out my sponsor page or go to

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