Monday, January 3, 2011

Beyond Our Capacity To Endure

In the book "Learning From The Light" by Dr. John Lerma, he writes extensively about one of his patients who's name was Sarah. The insight that she shares with him is beautiful and very enlightening. While some people may or may not agree with what these people are describing and talking about, it cannot be denied that Dr. Lerma has been a witness to these events many times. I have never personally worked in a hospice situation where people are dying but from a few people that I know who have done this, their experiences would tend to validate what Dr. Lerma writes about.

One quote from the chapter about Sarah really made sense to me and fit in with what I know about life. It matches up to what others have shared with me at various times and none of these people are connected or knew that the other shared certain things with me.

From Page 114 (Learning From The Light)
"With regard to the planning of our lives before our birth, Sarah told me that some souls are too overzealous to make a difference and choose extremely demanding and punishing lives. However, God is intimately involved in the architecture of our earthly role, and assures he will never allow a soul to engage in a role that is beyond their capacity to endure."

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Learning From The Light by Dr. John Lerma

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