Wednesday, September 2, 2015

My Body Reacting To Stress

For some time I have been going through a very stressful experience in my life.  While I'm writing this well in advance of when it will actually publish to the blog, I'm recording what is happening.  It is a journey that you can follow along and has been unfolding.  I've tried to write and share as much as I can.

I've been struggling to make a decision.  I've felt this in my body.  It has come out through neck tension, back pain, headaches, increased anxiety, difficulty sleeping and an overall feeling of being so frustrated and depressed, I could barely go on at times.

Don't let anyone tell you that stress does not show up in the body.  In fact, when the body experiences pain and discomfort, it is usually a result of what is going on in your life.  Many of us are disconnected from it and many use all kinds of ways to numb out so they don't feel it.

I have gotten to a point in my own healing and consciousness where I feel it all.  This can be intense and difficult, but it is also a very good thing, contrary to what you may think.  The more you feel and connect with in your body, the more you can take care of yourself.  This includes the good and bad, not just the good.

As I began to get to the point that I needed to get to, I noticed something.  The decision was not made yet, but I was at the point where enough was enough and I made the agreement with myself that the decision would be made within a set number of days.  I know which way I'm going on this, but the exact timing is still a little uncertain.  Yet, my mind and body now knows that I am going to move on and in a shorter time frame then I had originally expected.

Once I got to that realization last night (and it took sleeplessness and a major headache to push me), I feel a lightness to my body.  I slept better last night than I have in the past several days.  Yes, I still have tension and anxiety of facing the day, but I feel more empowered.  I feel like I can do this.  I feel like there is an end to this situation.

We always want someone to help us make the decision we need to make.  We always want to know that the decision will be the right one.  Sometimes we are too afraid to even make the decision.  Yet, deep down inside of us, if we listen to ourselves - we will find the right decision for our life.

My body reacts to stress no differently than anyone else.  While most of us know and understand this, we are all too busy at avoiding what that truly means.  Feeling the pain, tension, and stress in our body is the way our body communicates with us that something isn't going as planned.  It is the way the body says, "hey, time to make a change and choose differently".

Most likely by the time you read this, things will have drastically changed for me.  For now, this blog post is just part of my own personal journey.  It is what I am learning (again) through my own struggles and sharing with the world.

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