Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Impact Of Mom And Dad on Abundance

Sitting through the call today, I came front and center with this part of my life.  It was the first session for the Unlimited Abundance Live program with Christie Marie Sheldon.  While I'm not surprised at just how much impact is there in my life from my Mom and Dad, I was shocked at the heaviness I felt when the topic came up.

I've been through enough healing work to know that a heaviness means that there is stuff coming up that I need to release.  I felt this much more when we were talking about our Dad's philosophy on income, debt, spending and overall money.

In fact, for a short time on the call, I really didn't feel anything.  I was disconnecting with it as if it didn't exist.  It was very overwhelming.  As Christie instructed us to bring in more light, I felt like I was beginning to connect with it, not hide and run from it.

My dad struggled to keep a job.  I can't even count the number of schools I was in throughout my life because of him going from one job to another.  He struggled to earn an income.  I remember living in Midwest farm houses that weren't adequately heated and I remember wishing there was more to eat.  I remember him giving $1000 to the religious ministries while we were struggling to buy enough food.  I would see my dad spend money on stuff that maybe we needed, but was not necessary.

I'm not here to chastise him about the job he did or didn't do taking care of us.  That is not the point of this.

The point is, that I carried these things throughout my life.  I didn't realize how I was still holding on to these things and how they were impacting my own abundance.  Yes, I know it is time to let go, but that in itself is a process which will unfold in the days and weeks to come.

I'm merely recording these things because I struggle in life with some of the very same issues as everyone else does.  It is my way of owning and acknowledging what has taken place in my life so that not only can I learn, but also others can learn from me.

Since I wrote this, there is an update on Somatosync called "Abundance And Clearing Mom Energy".

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