Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Feeling Overwhelming Stress In The Body

Yep, its there!  Yep, I can feel it.  Sure, we all think we can really feel what is going on in the body at times, but most of the time were actually pretty numb.  I've been doing some special therapy to help me get through this overwhelming stressful moments in life right now, and believe me I'm really feeling it in my body.

Feeling the stress in my body isn't easy.  It is intense.  It is overwhelming at times.  It is more than I care to experience some days.  There is no mistaking it.  There is no escaping it.  I really feel it.

Today as the chaos struck and went on for hour after hour in a nonstop fashion, I felt my breathing change. I felt my body tense up.  I felt the exhaustion and fatigue set in.  There were moments where every fiber of my being was withdrawn and trying to survive.  I literally felt all of this in the most magnified way I ever have.

Stress in our body is not good.  Long term daily build up of stress is just as harmful as going through traumatic event.  We often may not fully see the effects, but it does its thing regardless of what we feel.

Too many of us go through this day in and day out.  We don't have a choice at times and when we do, we fail to make a good choice.  My choice is coming to a point where I will stop this overwhelming level of stress upon my body.  I know for many, that's difficult to do, but you get to a point in life where you have to decide what is best of your and what is not.

Sometimes stepping out of the stress is the best thing you can do, but that takes guts and courage.  I know many say, "I want to do that but I can't".  The thing is, how much stress can you take before your body shuts down or gets sick or has some major life crisis?   Where will you be at when that happens?

A momentary feel good thought or a beer at night or a mini vacation isn't always enough to counteract the levels of stress too many of us put our bodies through in a day.  Even with all we do, if we go jump back into the pool of poison, we're going to get burnt by the poison.  You can step out of it all you want, but once you immerse yourself back in it, guess what?  You're going to get burnt by the poison.

Each of us has to make choices for our lives.  Regardless of what we convince ourselves to be true, we can make choices that are healthy for us.  It is all up to us.  We can't blame anyone else.  Yes, maybe we have to endure things in the short term, but short term doesn't mean continuing in the overwhelming stress day after day, month after month and year after year.

Its your choice what you do about your overwhelming level of stress.  Its your choice if you allow yourself to start feeling the stress upon your body or not.  I'm in that same boat and now making choices that will deliver me from the overwhelming life I am living.  Yes, it is scary, but so is the possibility of what can happen to me physically.

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