Thursday, September 17, 2015

Observing Stress In My Body

If you sit back and see the bigger picture, it is amazing sometimes what you see and observe.  Observing stress in my body is an eye opening practice.  If you look closely at it from the eye of an observer, you'll see things in ways that you have never seen.

As I write this, I've been under tremendous amounts of stress almost every hour of the day and its gone on for some time.  It isn't easy.  I'm trying to deal with it and cope with it.  I'm trying to find an exit strategy that allows me to be okay with it or make an exit from it.

Observing stress in my body allows me to not only see how it impacts tension in my body, but every cell and fiber.  In fact, the other day I had a wake-up call because as I was experiencing an extremely difficult moment of stress, I could feel something in my body unlike anything I have before.  It was a rare moment and I could feel it all the way to my core.

Generally I observe stress through neck tension, back pain, headaches and sleepless nights.  I sometimes have angry outbursts in trying to deal with it.  Yet, this experience was different.  I felt this from the core.  I felt it affecting my heart, my cells, my organs and my internal breathing and rhythm.  It wasn't an insignificant moment.

It was a wake-up call because when you can feel to this level, it allows you a moment of reflection.  It says, hey dude, "time to find a different way through life".  Life is too short for this much stress.  Life is more than the stress that we think we have to endure.  This overwhelming stress is more than what we should experience.

I'm not saying stress should not be in our life.  Even a plant needs some stress to stand upright.  We just don't need to swim in its toxic bath every day.  There are other ways.  Yes, it might be a moment of learning and teaching and understanding, but let's not make it a habit.

Observing stress in our body is a very good thing.  Most of us are numb and we don't feel it or see it or truly connect with it.  Stress can be difficult and its often far easier to numb out.  Unfortunately that takes a toll on your overall health and at some point there is a diminishing rate of return.

The more you can connect with all that is going on in your body, the healthier you are.   The more you can connect with everything happening in your body, the more freedom you have because you can then make the choices you need to make.

Hopefully by the time you read this blog post, I will have found a solution to the overwhelming stress I am observing in my body.

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