Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Looking Forward In Difficult Moments

Sometimes it helps.  Sometimes it helps to have a goal or something to look forward to when you are going through difficult moments.  As I write this, there are many of those insurmountable moments I'm facing.  Most likely by the time someone reads this blog posts, things will have changed.

Just knowing that you have options can sometimes help you get through difficult moments.  Realizing that there is a way out is like a breath of fresh air.  It helps you see that you're not locked into what is, but the potential of what can be still exists.

Seeing that there is a game plan to look forward to helps lift your thoughts and energy from despair and depression, to one of forward movement.  Even if it feels like you're hardly moving at all, there is hope that tomorrow or the tomorrow after it, will be better and brighter.

In difficult moments, just knowing that something can change is like holding the greatest power within your hands and your mind.  It is potential energy just waiting to be unleashed, and it has a strong appeal to someone facing difficult moments.

Facing difficult moments is never easy.  It can be draining and seem like it is almost impossible to overcome.  It can be easy to lose hope and faith and feel like the only option is to give up.  Fortunately difficult moments only last for a time and greater moments of joy, abundance, and possibility appear.

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