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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Over The Top

It always amazes me.  When you don't put things in a nice little neat box, it can really throw people off.  I'm always amused at how humans perceive things and how they respond or ignore it.  It can be in the work place such as an email, a blog post, or social media share.

I had one such situation recently and while the content of the article was good, the title scared people.  I could see it in the number of hits or views.  Actually I'm laughing at the result, because it is almost like people were so afraid to read it, that they didn't.

Yet, if you make a headline that is over-the-top, people will click on it.  We see it all the time in news media and social media.  Its the over the top items that get the attention.  People may complain, but they click.  That folks, is what advertisers and websites want.

Its okay if people didn't click on the article.  I'm not hung up on it.  I'm just amused by it because while it was probably over the top, it was done in a reverse way.

We all just want things to be in a nice pretty little box.  We want things presented in a way that we can grasp without using much thought.  Of course, we're too bombarded these days with information overload and I do understand.

I long for the days though where we stretch our minds and travel into the things that make us uncomfortable.  There is too much in our society and world that mimics each other in thought, word, and deed.  Let's change it up and not be stuck in one box.

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