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Friday, January 29, 2016

Moments In Life

We all have those moments we go through that we would like to forget.  No, I'm not talking about being drunk on a Saturday night and wishing you had never gone out.  I'm talking about those core moments in life where things were tough and you muscled your way through it.

The moments where people were more irritating then welcoming to you.  The moments where you didn't know if you could go another day.  The moments where you weren't sure how you were going to pay the bills, put gas in the car or buy enough food to eat.

It is in these moments that we learn so much, even when it is more difficult then we can imagine.  It is in these moments when we find not only our limits but our strength of endurance far beyond what we thought was possible.  It is in these moments that we see our life more clearly than ever before.

I'll admit that going through these moments in life is not fun.  I've had my fair share of them and all too often they exhaust me.  I also know that they have helped me get to the moment of life I am now in.  Without these times, I might have skated right past them and missed the dance.

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