Saturday, January 2, 2016

Autonomic Breathing With Resperate

I started using this at a recommendation of a colleague.  It wasn't so much for the effect of lowering my blood pressure, although that is what the claims are for the Resperate.  My reason for purchasing this and using it is to help my autonomic breathing pattern and drop my body breathing into the therapeutic zone.

At this time, I am surprised by what the Resperate is doing.  The first time was challenging and I went the entire recommended 15 minutes.  The next time, it was not as challenging and the third time I have tried this, it was much easier.

My breaths per minuted started out at 14.4 the first time, then 12.6 the second time and now today, they were at 10.5 when I started.  Today I only did 10 minutes on it but when I finished, my breaths were at 6.4 per minute which is under the therapeutic zone of 10 breaths per minute.

Since I don't have a blood pressure machine at this moment, I've been using my pulse meter.  I noticed that it has been dropping my pulse down about 20 points when I finish with it and sometimes more.  I know this is an anxious time for me with the holidays coming up, but even to drop it a little is good.

My main goal though is to help work on my autonomic breathing patterns.  I know that if I can kick in the vagus reflex and learn to breathe better, it will help my heart and my life.  Sometimes, I get busy in a day and I just don't think about slowing down or what my breathing is doing.  This is a good machine to help train my body further to do something natural that will help me.

Breath is life and healing and we all need to be more aware of it.  The Resperate is a great machine for helping do this.  It is pretty simple to use once you go through the tutorial and figure out where to place the band around you.  Other than that, it is about just lying there and following the breathing prompts.

I will update this more as I go with the Resperate and share further details.  I have only used it three times.  Soon, I will have a blood pressure machine so I can monitor that as well and give more fact based feedback and reviews on it.

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