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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays From Corey

Hi everyone! This is Corey, one of cats that helps watch over Don. He's very busy these days and so me and Topanga are going to give him a break on the blog. He really does try hard to keep up with the blog and write meaningful concepts. So we thought it was only fitting that we would give this special gift of writing his blog for him.

However, we aren't really that good with words so we figured a couple of pictures showing us in the holiday spirit would warm the hearts of all who read the blog. For us, we're getting lots of love today and some special little toys. I'm actually enjoying the Christmas wrapping paper that we get to play with.

Seriously though, I just want everyone to realize that no matter how many paws you have in life, you are loved and cared for in a special way. We all matter regardless of our height in the world or how much food is in our food dish. Just know that you matter and you are loved. My sister and I was born three years ago right around Christmas Day. We were a Christmas wish that came true and so together we celebrate all the love that life has to give.

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