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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Don't Give Up

Whatever happens in life, I have learned that I can handle it. I know that deep down I have what I need to make it through the rough times. Not that it is easy to do this, but by example, I have been taught it is possible.

It was not always this way and in the crucible of life, I have been tested in difficult ways. There were times that I did not think I could make it through. There were times I just wanted to give up. In fact, there were times when I did try to give up. Even now, there are moments when I question everything in life and wonder if I can make it.

Never will I say to anyone that growth, healing and becoming more aware of yourself is a walk int he park. For I know just how difficult it is. When I was in the midst of all that I was being bombarded by, no one could have convinced me that I could make it through these moments.

Now, may I constantly remind myself of what I just wrote. May I draw upon my inner strength and knowledge to fully reclaim my power and soar past the peak of the highest mountains.

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  1. Don,

    Although, no one can really know what you went through. What I can say is that, all of it made you this wonderful person you are. You are reaching out to many people who may have gone through similar things and having a hard time making sense out of it. Sometimes, we go through hard time, because with that experience and knowledge we are supposed to do is not always for our own selves but for others too. Sometimes, we do sacrifice our own selves in order to do something greater. For example, this is what Jesus' spirit did also, and this is what it should mean to people. His giving , his suffering has given millions of people humbleness..blessings to you, at your lowest moments and at highest.