Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sharing Appreciation With Those You Love

Today's topic is one that I struggle with in a big way.  So, as you read this, just realize that I'm writing it to myself.  If you connect with it, you most likely struggle at sharing appreciation with those you love.

Sharing appreciation is something that should be normal, but it isn't.  At least for me, it doesn't come easy.  I want to be able to do this more, but for some reason, it slips my mind.

Growing up, I didn't get many words of encouragement.  My dad was highly critical.  My siblings were often jealous and so they didn't give any words of encouragement.

Teachers were highly critical...

Teachers were often highly critical of everything I did.  I still remember those book reports in second grade where the teacher belittled me in front of everyone.  I struggled writing them and instead of working to encourage me, she did just the opposite.  In first grade, it was math.  In college it was that I was too shy. 

There were many bosses that were critical of everything I did, but very seldom ever said a nice word that you're doing a great job.  They just figured I knew that I guess.  They were more generous with the negative criticism then praise or appreciation.  The bosses I've worked for who understood how a little appreciation could go a long ways were the ones that got 1000 times more out of me.

Relationships can end up sometimes taking everything for granted.  Its easy to do.  You see each other day in and day out.  You get to the point where you just know what the other person will do and what they are thinking.  It seems that way.  However, taking the other person for granted is really degrading to them and the relationship.

A spark that ignites something new...

We all have had our trials and tribulations, but sometimes when another person shares appreciation with us for something we did, it can be a spark that ignites something new.  It can turn a day from a horrible nightmare to one of hope and possibility.

Sharing appreciation with those you love can be the difference between going to bed after a day gone bad, to one of more restful sleep.  It can be a moment where it helps propel tomorrow to new heights with just one little small act of appreciation.

Simple but powerful...

It does not have to be elaborate.  It does not need to be grandiose and for all the world to see.  It can be very powerful even if a very small thing that hardly is noticed.

Sharing appreciation does not have to stop with only those that we love.  We can extend it to strangers that cross our paths, fellow employees at work, or someone random we interact with in a day.

We can spread the appreciation and it will multiply around the world.  One little act that we do can have such an enormous impact upon that person, the world they interact with and the world that all those people interact with in a day.

Sharing appreciation can be far reaching, but the act begins when we share it with another.  Until that point, it doesn't exist.  Go ahead, share your appreciation with someone today and see just how it changes their life and how far it ripples out.

Question Of The Day

Did you share appreciation with someone you love and if you did, what did you observe?

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