Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Culture Of Learning Tedx Talk

Andre Vermeulen gave a Tedx talk in Johannesburg, South Africa.  It is a very good video about his subject of learning, but also meanders through some excellent mind body concepts. I'll discuss a couple of these, but to get the full affect, check out the video link below.  It is important information.

As Andre discusses, learning is about gaining information, then applying it so that there are behavioral changes.  Information without applying it means nothing.  We have to do something with it and that means applying it to our life.

In the speaker's view, to remain competitive, we have to develop competence to out think, out learn, and our create our competition.  For me, I think for us to grow as an individual, we need to out think, out learn, and out create our former self.  If we don't, we aren't growing as a human.

Most Powerful Form Of Learning...

The most powerful learning form is through the example shown to us.  The power of our parents and family and society upon the learning by an infant or a child is unmatched by any university or program available.  Those mirror neurons help us learn what we need to learn, but they can also hold us back by locking us into a way of thinking, rather than continuous learning.

He stated in the video that learning is a biochemical process.  The brain works electro-chemically.  It produces 20 to 25 watts of electricity from the food we eat, the water we consume and the oxygen we breathe.  There are many other things that impact the electricity we produce from our brain and body. 

Our brain and body generates and conducts electricity also known as energy.  People feel your energy without you saying a word.  They can tell your energy by the presence that comes before you as you walk into a room.  Some of us individuals sense this far more than others, but most likely you can tell an angry person verses a happy person as they walk into the room without them saying a word.

We all impact the world every day...

Our energy influences other people.  What we put out into the world, impacts everyone around us and everyone around them.  We are all connected whether we want to accept that or not.  If you're tearing others down, you're not only tearing the entire world down, but yourself in the process.

We are all impacting the world around us, but if you really want to help the world, becoming aware of what you put out is a good start.  It isn't the other people out there that have the problems that impact you.  It is what you put into the world.

We can impact the world by radiating positivity, constructiveness, love, acceptance, goodness and kindness.  Our energy field influences every other person's energy field.  The energy we choose to radiate at this moment is what we should be concerned with in our life.  It is what does the most harm or good in the world.

Check out the video of the Tedx talk because it is a very good one to hear.

Note:  I have shared some of the thoughts I heard in this video with my own thoughts.  I do not represent this speaker and he does not represent me.  Please just listen to his video with an open mind and challenge yourself.

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