Wednesday, July 6, 2016

What You Display To The World

Every day, people write a book that they put on display to the world.  You can find it in their blogs, YouTube videos, Facebook posts, Twitter tweets and all other forms of social media.  You can find it in their conversations they have with other people.

It goes on constantly and continually.  Some of it gets to the point of turning other people off.  Some will listen and read the story no matter what while complaining about the individual or the content.  Of course, we all know this, but we shun it and embrace it at the same time.

So have you ever thought about what you display to the world?  I mean, do you look at what you post, tweet, vlog or write?  Do you really view it over days and weeks and months?  Maybe you're one that just puts it out there and forgets it in the following minute or hour.

It can be shocking...

If we look at what we put out in online media and to the world, it can really be shocking.  Others see it and they form a picture and image of you.  Obviously, many fail to see what they are truly sharing about themselves.

While many of the subjects continually get repeated over and over, I wonder just how much anyone changes another person's mind.  After all, if your views are entrenched in the foxholes of your battle ground, I'm not so sure anyone else could change your mind.  If the other person's views are entrenched in the foxholes of their battle grounds, I'm not sure you could change their mind.

I'm not sure if anyone really listens to each other, but it doesn't stop anyone from portraying to the world, their one stop mindset.   I'm not trying to be real harsh here, but to be honest, that is what it looks like as you read Faceboook postings and Twitter tweets.  It seems like many have one track minds and they display that to the whole world.

Nothing else to share but memes...

You also get the ones that know nothing else to share but memes and you wonder just how much of it they truly believe.  I often wonder if their life is so horrible that this is how they get through the day, but in no way do they become real to the world.  What could be very good in moderation, becomes a turn off and annoyance.

We really do publish a view point or opinion of ourselves to the world each day.  What does your publication say about your life?  Are you truly loving and accepting of others, or are you combative and full of anger?  Are you out for blood or do you really listen to those that think and speak differently from what you feel is true in your life?

How do you display yourself to the world?  Do you retweet and share and like those things that bring more divisiveness to our world or do you replicate memes that turn people off?  Do you share interesting and relevant content that helps people discover something new for their life, or do you just regurgitate what everyone else on the bandwagon thinks?

Of course, it is all up to you in what you do and how you display your life to the world.  It is not up to me to tell you what to do.  I'm just asking the question.  I'm just challenging the status quo of the day.

Are humans one dimensional or not?  This blog posts discusses that topic in further detail.

If you're not sure how you come across, take an objective look back over your Twitter or Facebook feed.  If you look at this objectively, you will probably get the image that others see of you.  You will most likely come to understand just how much you are helping or adding hurt and insult to the world.  Try it, and let me know what you find.

So what do you think?  Are humans truly one dimensional or not?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. well, i keep messing this up. I keep saying 'i will turn a new leaf and not say things that make me sound like an angry 'tard online' but somehow i keep violiating that lol and oftentimes you can't really take it back - oh well

    an hour or so ago i had left a ridiculous angry comment in another blog (not towards the writer but towards the subject matter) and then i read your post and it really made me think twice, so i wrote the blog person and requested they delete the comment

    thanks for writing this and bringing to my attention something i strive to keep in mind but often forget. Thanks to you i may be able to take back contributing yet more shit and hate to the blogosphere (whether it's 'deserved' or not haha)

    1. Just making the conscious choice to go back and rethink something like this is a step forward. I know there are times I read stuff and it triggers me, but I'm learning to check it out internally, rather than respond in a bad way that I'll regret. It isn't always easy and there are a lot of things that bait us online, but just keep making the positive steps forward - it gets easier after that.






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