Thursday, July 21, 2016

Missing The Healing Point

All too often, we as humans chase down the things that don't matter while proclaiming that we know all there is to know about healing.  It is really a sad testament to the human race at times.  We miss the healing point in life and instead we look at the flowers surrounding what true healing is all about in life.

I see this so many times in so many things where people chase the clouds in the sky rather than realizing they are missing out on looking at the sky.  In healing, I've seen far too many people jump from one new healing cure to another and all the time they are missing the true essence of healing.

I've seen people embrace things that really don't matter and then proclaim loudly that they have the only source to healing that there is.  They do it with gusto.  They do it with bravado.  There isn't a shortage of them.  In the olden days, they were called snake oil salesman.  I'm sorry if that offends anyone, but more often than not, it is true.

Fail to see what truly helps...

Then you have those that skip out on the true essence of what they have found to heal their life and they create a system to prove that it is true.  They miss out on the pure science and reputability of what really happens, while failing to see what it is that they do which truly helps.

In many modalities and belief systems, there is so much that helps people heal, but we get lost in the stuff that doesn't.  We look at all the peripheral things, instead of honoring the sacred part at the center of what we experience.

More than a quick 1-2-3 scheme...

I know, we all want glitz and glamour.  We want to act like we have the answers when maybe we've only discovered the one little piece of the puzzle.  We want to boil our stuff down into a quick 1-2-3 healing scheme that applies to everyone, regardless of their specific situations.

In all these things, we're missing the healing point.  The moment of healing that takes place before our eyes which is magical and unaltered.  It is the point where our ego is nowhere to be found, but the pure essence of creativity and oneness without judgement is limitless.

This is the point where we disconnect, but it is at that moment where we should summon all our resources.  It is how we apply all our resources that we go further into where the healing lies, not limit ourselves with what we do not know or understand.

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