Thursday, July 28, 2016

TO GMO label or NOT!

Wow, the US Senate finally did something to help protect us from the horrors of our food.  Yep, they went and passed a law about GMO labeling.  Hold on, did they actually pass a good law?  Well, it all depends upon who you want to ask.

If you ask the industry, they are all like smiles and happy and celebrating.  They got their way.  They can claim they did something good for consumers when its about as ridiculous as it gets.  Rather than making it easy to understand, they are making you scan a QR code to see if the product contains GMO ingredients.  Yep, I didn't misspeak.

I'm sure everyone wants to pick up every ingredient and scan the QR code to see what it has in it.  This makes so much sense - NOT!  Why not make it easy to see this.  Why not label it properly.  Oh, that's right, the food industry and their powerful lobbyists don't want you to know.  They love how they manipulate our US Senators - bought and paid for with your own grocery dollars.

I could be wrong of course and maybe they have better motives than it appears.  However, when you hide the ingredients, it doesn't make it a good thing.  Walk in any grocery store and pick up just about any product.  Then, tell me what is in it.  See, it isn't that easy is it?   They just bank on the customer being lazy and not looking at the ingredients anyway.

Have to be a food scientist...

You almost have to be a food scientist these days to even understand what's in the stuff you buy.  Far too many ingredients are not necessary, but hey - they dump them in anyway.  After all, if they can get you to eat a little more of their stuff, what's a little more sugar added in or high fructose corn syrup or many of the other questionable substances that some of us don't want to consume.

Now days, everything has far too much crap in it and we call it food.  Everything seems to be loaded with onion and garlic and for me, that's a difficult issue because those ingredients make me sick.  It doesn't matter to the food industry.  They obliterate the product and then add back spices like onion and garlic so no one knows the difference.

I still remember buying a can of peas and it actually had sugar added.  I wrote to the manufacturer questioning that and of course I got the bogus response that basically made no sense.  They didn't want to answer it because they know if they put sugar in it, people will like it more and buy more.  It has nothing to do with the reasons they try to proclaim.

I personally don't want all the added sugar, high fructose corn syrup and chemical ingredients that they put into food.  More and more, we are making our own stuff and not purchasing these products in the store.  Too many are not healthy for you.

If you aren't reading the ingredients...

If you aren't reading all the ingredients that are in each product, don't even suggest to me that you're eating healthy.  You're buying into all that the food industry wants you to believe.  Take a look at cancer rates and obesity.  Take a look at the record levels of diabetes.  Do you honestly think we are eating healthy in our society?  I'll give you my answer!  No we are not eating healthy.

The food industry loves an uneducated people.  They have hoodwinked the entire country into getting us to think if we look for the "low fat" or "healthy" on the labels, that's all we need to do.  The blindness of the masses.

GMO isn't something our grandparents had to deal with.  GMO is something new that has been done and while I'm sure the legitimate claims could be proven, food was not meant to be adulterated and poisoned with a chemical structure that was far from how it was created.  When you play God with our food, you're sentencing all of us to a life full of disease and poor health.

However, one thing we've done to try and counteract some of this is we have our whole food smoothies every day.  We get the live enzymes and unadulterated vitamins and minerals.  We get the natural phytochemicals and the fiber.  Using the Blendtec blender, our smoothies give our body the ability to absorb these without causing destruction to the food through processing.

Its up to each one of us what we do with the food we consume and how we find health through nutrition or not.  Of course, when they hide the GMO ingredients, it is hard to sometimes know what is in the stuff you eat.  The food industry has tapped into their evil side once again on the GMO labeling, but its hard to expect anything else since they are bought and paid for through their lobbyists and co-conspirators, the US politicians.

It is important to note that at the time I'm writing this, the law has not been passed in the house.  I'm not sure that gives me any comfort that the house will do the right thing.  After all, politicians are just bought and paid for by lobbying dollars.  They can grandstand all they want about how much integrity they have, but lobbying dollars pulls the chair out from under them on the political stage.

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